With the imminent release of our latest product, It’s time to let some things slip.
This is a sneak peek at the diagram plugin for, “Peek”, our Enterprise Pluggable Platform.
We’ve been developing a fast, desktop and mobile HTML5 diagram viewer over the last 18 months and here it is.

  • It uses the latest technologies, it’s entirely HTML5, no flash, no ActiveX.
  • The Network Diagram shows a live view of a PowerOn Fusion/PowerOn Advantage world.
  • You can build your own extensions to add your own functionality, such as custom menus, and popups.

The Peek Platform is a fully pluggable architecture, and plugins can integrate with other plugins. This gives utilities the power to add their own functionality to the Network Diagram.
Whist the diagram plugin is proprietary, We’ve open sourced the Peek Platform with the aim of unlocking the imagination and creativity of anyone who wants to use it.
Check it out :

  • http://synerty-peek.readthedocs.io/en/latest/overview/Overview.html
  • https://github.com/Synerty?q=peek